Homeless Man with Knife Killed During Confrontation with Culver City Police

A knife-wielding homeless

man was shot and killed during

a confrontation with localpolice

in a parking structure Monday

afternoon, authorities said.

During the confrontation, a

Culver City police officer also

suffered a "friendly-fire" gunshot

wound to the leg.

The shooting occurred

around 3 p.m. at the garage

on Washington Boulevard and

Landmark Street after local officers

responded to call about

a white man who allegedly

pulled a knife on a maintenance

worker, authorities said.

According to the Culver City

Police Department, the officers

tried to communicate with the

suspect when they arrivedat

the scene. But he ran to the

roof of the parking structure.

Officers initially deployed

less-lethal munitions in an

effort to disarm the man, according

to authorities, but they

later opened fire after the man

allegedly ran toward them with

the knife.

"At some point, he tried to

run toward the officers, and

an officer-involved shooting

occurred," said Lt. Derrick Alfred,

of LASD, which is assisting

in the homicide investigation.

"And it seems like he may

have run between two officers,

which caused the friendly fire,

which resulted in one of the officers

being struck by another


The police officer was transported

to a local hospital and is

listed in stable condition.

The suspect was also taken

to a hospital where he was

pronounced deceased, officials


A knife was recovered at the

scene. Sheriff officials said the

investigation is under way and

there is no additional information

available at this time.

Anyone with information

about this incident is encouraged

to contact the Sheriff Department's

Homicide Bureau

at (323) 890-5500.


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