Homeless Man Stabbed in Reed Park Thursday Morning

Photo: Det. Haro of the SMPD and other officers comb through Reed Park for evidence. Photo by David Ganezer

Santa Monica police arrested one suspect, following the stabbing of an older homeless man in Christine Emerson Reed Park Thursday morning. The victim was transported to the hospital where he is reported to be in a fair condition with one stab wound. SMPD reports the victim is in custody, and the incident is under investigation.

Both the victim and the perpetrator were homeless men residing temporarily in Reed Park. Many homeless people spend time in the park, to the consternation of some local residents. Criminal acts committed by one homeless person on another are not uncommon there.

Formerly Lincoln Park, Reed Park is named after former Santa Monica City Councilmember Christine Emerson Reed. The park is a draw for homeless people, and also contains a children's recreational playground used by residents. The 3 acre park is located on Wilshire Blvd and across California Avenue from St. Monica's Catholic Church. There is also a large parochial school across California Avenue, and an old age home West of Reed park.


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