Culver City Seeing Decline in Covid-19 Cases

Culver City recorded only 17 new cases of Coronavirus in the past week but 2 new deaths, the County Health Department has announced.

As of press time Wednesday, the number of local residents with Covid-19 rose to 330 cases, a 5% increase from last week's total of 313. Deaths related to coronavirus increased to 29 in Culver City. More than half of the deaths occurred in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

According to Public Health officials, 67 cases of Covid-19 and 14 deaths were reported at Marina Pointe Healthcare and Subacute and 5 cases and 1 death at Anchor Retirement Homes.

County-wide, the total infected now stands at 197,912 with 4825 deaths. Ninety-two percent of people who died had underlying health conditions. On Wednesday, Public Health Department reported 2347 cases of the coronavirus and 68 deaths. Health officials pointed out that residents between the ages of 18 and 49 years old make up nearly 60% of new COVID-19 cases, with residents between the ages of 30 to 49 years old driving most of these reported cases.

"We all know that Covid-19 can affect all of us, no matter how young we are," said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. "It can also cause a ripple effect that ends up infecting those among us that we love. A young person going to a party can then go back home and infect their parents or older relatives, causing them great harm. So, I really encourage everyone to think about this when deciding whether to see a group of friends at a party or staying home and visiting their friends virtually."

The rate of infection in Culver City stands at 828 per 100,000 population. But it's much lower than the 100K levels at some neighboring cities, including Beverly Hills at 1585, Inglewood at 1855 and the City of Los Angeles 2000.

Public Health officials said they anticipate receiving a backlog of cases once the state electronic laboratory system issues are fixed. This issue has undercounted the number of COVID-19 cases reported each day.


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