Sidewalk Barbers

By Sarah Storkin

Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order allowing barbershops to continue, as long as they operate outside. Coronaviruses are believed not to propagate outdoors.

At Active Barbers on Wilshire and 25th Street, you can hear them as you walk by, since now their cuts are taking place outside.

Owner Steven Moran set up canopies on the sidewalk on Wilshire Blvd. "We want to create a clean and comfortable setting for customers," he told FoxLA. Minus the barber chairs, which are still outside.

Temperatures are checked before clients even sit down. Then they are given face masks, and asked to sanitize their hands before sitting down in the chair, which incidentally isn't a traditional barber chair. Those are left inside.

Barbers are also suited up in masks and face shields, while clients wear disposable gloves and capes.

Moran believes a second shutdown would put him out of business. As for me, I'm happy to finally have my hair done professionally, after ten weeks of relying on friends.


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