It's Time to Open Our Beaches

Dear Editor,

It's complete nonsense to say it is not safe to go to the beach!

It's a well known fact that breathing ocean breeze sea air and taking in vitamin D rich sun rays has more health benefits than being cooped up in dark room with stale air. Most beach goers practice social distancing in our wide open beaches anyway.

Governor Newsom's order closing our beaches is capricious and ridiculous! Since politicians can illegally declare that California is a Sanctuary for illegal aliens, why can't we citizens call for Sanctuary BEACHES? Both are acts of civil disobedience.

I am going to continue practicing civil disobedience by going to SANCTUARY BEACHES. I defy Gov. Newsom having a partially disabled 68 year old man arrested for going to the beach while he frees rapists and murderers from prison!

Robert Zirgulis

Culver City


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