Who's a Good Dog?

Observer Publisher Suffers Stroke; Found by Zenni the Dog

Culver City Observer Newspaper Publisher Steve Hadland suffered a stroke on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

"Steve took his dog, Zenni, for a walk Tuesday evening," explains Michelle, Steve's girlfriend. "Zenni came to the front door half an hour later without Steve. 'Where's papa?' I asked her. She barked, and led me right to him," Michelle said.

Steve is now in rehab, and hopes to return to his job in a week or two. He is 69 and has 4 adult children, and I'm not actually sure how many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

This week's issue is a joint edition of the Santa Monica Observer and the Culver City Observer. We will return to separate editions next week.

Thanks to all the members of the Observer team who have stepped forward to help with the newspaper.

Those with advertising questions, or other questions about the newspaper, may call me at 310-452-9900. - David Ganezer, Publisher, Santa Monica Observer


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