I Was a Teenage Mask Maker

Teenager Uses Three D Printer Technology to Craft Facial Shields for First Responders

By David Ganezer

14 year old Mikey Strauss found a way to use his three dimensional printer, in order to help first responders working in the coronavirus age: Making plastic face shields for them.

"My 14 year old has a 3-D printer, and weeks ago he was one of the first to start making these facial shields," said Krista Strauss, Mikey's Mom. "Mikey delivered over 100 to St. Johns and 50 to 3 other hospitals in Louisiana, and in St. Louis. In doing so, he became an inspiration to me."

"He just started printing them, they're made out of plastic filament. They're transparent, you cut a semi circle at the bottom of the transparency shield," she added.

Mikey Strauss, 14, is a Freshman at Santa Monica high school. "I decided to make facial shields for first responders because we're living in a time where we need to help people out as much as we can," says Mikey.

"Medical workers and first responders needed our help the most, so When I got the opportunity to help other people I knew I had to take it and do as much as I can," he added.

"I used my 3D Printer because it had the ability to make 3 at a time and there was no other way to make them," Mikey said.

How can other kids help during the national Covid19 emergency? "If other teenager are able to make them and they have the time and passion, yeah go for it," he said. "Also, other teenagers can make other things besides facial shields. They can make 5" straps to hold elastic for face masks. They are 'ear savers'. (It takes pressure off of your ears). Those are pretty easy to 3D print," he suggested.


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