Boneyard Dog Park Reopens

The City of Culver City announced they have reopened the Boneyard dog park with social distancing rules in place for both humans and four-legged friends

Visitors are required to follow the rules which include:

• Maintain six-foot social distancing with others

• Benches & Hydration Stations only sanitized once per day – use at your own risk

• Limit the number of people inside the dog park:

• 25 for the large dog area

• 15 for the small dog area

• If the space does not permit, please wait outside (maintain six-foot distance)

• Limit your time in the park if there is a line

• Bring your own bags and hand sanitizer

• Stay with your family or household members

• Face coverings are required at all times

The Boneyard dog park will be closed Tuesday, May 12 and Wednesday, May 13 for annually scheduled rehabilitation, but will reopen on Thursday, May 14.


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