Observer Needs Health & Science Section

Dear Editor,

I write in response to the various COVID-19 articles published in the Observer recently to insist that a Health and Science section be added to your newspaper. As a public health graduate student, I am pleased to see the extensive reporting of COVID-19 cases and testing efforts, but more coverage is needed regarding how the pandemic is impacting other aspects of resident’s health. How are residents safely filling prescriptions and receiving other necessary medical care? How is mental health being addressed in the community during this time? What does it look like to access healthy food in Culver City right now? A Health and Science section is the perfect place for such coverage.

Many Los Angeles newspapers already include sections related to health and science; for example, the Los Angeles Times has sections for Wellness and Health News, the Santa Monica Observer (your sister paper) has a Science section.

This pandemic is an opportunity to recognize the importance of prioritizing the health of our community. The addition of a Health and Science section will provide space for discussion related to the impact of current health-related events at the community level for Culver City residents.


Andrew Lozano


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