Rent Control Measure Approved for November Ballot

On May 1, the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder's office qualified the proposed ballot measure to allow voters to decide the issue of rent control. The measure will appear on the November ballot.

If passed, the ballot measure would reverse the City Council's decision to freeze residential rents for one year pending the review of a possible rent control ordinance and would require voter approval for any action on rent control.

The contentious issue began when the city council approved a so called one year "rent freeze." The council subsequently voted a two month moratorium on rent payments due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and the shuttering of local businesses. While residents and businesses will have to pay rent again after May 31, the council granted a provision for a one year payback of the back rent.

The groups President Ron Bassilian said, "We are getting on the ballot! Council will have an agenda item at the May 11th council meeting regarding next steps.

"This is a historic event. Last time an initiative was certified in Culver City was in the 70s. It was to pin CCPD pay to the average of LAPD and LASD."

He claimed the ballot measure is not about rent control but felt the council "overreached" their elected mandate and his group wanted to force a conversation on the issue.


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