Message From The Fox Hills Board of Directors

Dear Fox Hills Residents,

To assist in supporting the most vulnerable in our community we listed 2 ways to help:

1. Please donate as you are able to "Feed Culver" : - This is a partnership between local restaurants, the Exchange Club, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association, working with Vice Mayor Göran Eriksson, Council Member Thomas Small, and local non-profits to prepare and distribute nourishing and nutritious meals to those in need in the Culver City community.

2. Please support by donating food to the "Culver City Emergency Food Drive"

* For more ways on how to help fellow residents please visit -

We would love it if you could share this information with your neighbors!

Thank you and hope you are all taking care of each other and keeping well.

Fox Hills Neighborhood Association Board

Judi, Paula, Freddy and Renee


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