California to Allow Resumption of Cancer Surgery

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a modification to the state’s stay-at-home order that would allow certain essential surgeries to be scheduled again. He did not provide a date for when other coronavirus restrictions will be lifted.

“We are working with our health directors throughout our healthcare delivery system to get these surgeries up and running again,” Newsom said at a press briefing Wednesday.

He cited tumor and heart valve surgeries as examples of procedures that will be allowed to go ahead. Newsom said that California is looking at Washington and Oregon as models for loosening coronavirus restrictions.

Newsom also said that he and President Donald Trump agreed to significantly increase testing in California, with hundreds of thousands of new swabs coming into the state. Trump promised California 100,000 swabs this week, with 250,000 swabs scheduled to arrive next week.

California is also working to open 86 test facilities in testing “deserts” where people don’t have easy access to testing, according to Newsom. California currently has 35,396 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus. 3,357 of which are in our hospitals and 1,219 of which are ICU cases.


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