Lakers Were Ready to Make Move Before Virus Hit

After six years away from the playoffs the Lakers were primed and ready to make a run deep into the post season and possibly win an NBA Championship. Then the coronavirus took the wind out of their sails like getting zero presents on Christmas day.

Missing a game winning shot or free throw is one thing but missing part of the season and the playoffs is totally different. This team was built to win this year. Ten of their 16 players on their roster had been in the league six years are more.

They had veteran players at every position. Leading the way was 16 year veteran LeBron James. After missing the playoffs for the first time in his illustrious career last season he appeared to be rejuvenated. Another reason James felt refreshed was the addition of several key players that included one of the best players in the world, Anthony Davis.

The Lakers starting lineup of 6-9 James and 6-10 Davis at the forward positions, 7-0 Javelle McGee at center and 6-6 Danny Green and 6-2 Avery Bradley at the guard positions was probably the best in the NBA.

Their bench was also up graded with the addition of former all-star center, 6-10 Dwight Howard who was playing some of his best basketball since 2014. Former starters, 6-8 Kyle Kuzma and 6-5 Kentaviuos Caldwell-Pope were also playing some of their basketball of the season. Add 6-5 guard Alex Caruso, newly signed 6-8 forward Markieff Morris and 6-6 veteran Jared Dudley to the bench mix and you had a formula for success.

The player coming off the bench that would have really made a difference, especially in the playoffs was 6-1 guard, Rajon Rondo. Rondo is a crafty 13 year veteran whose nick name is Playoff Rondo because he is known to play his best basketball in the playoffs.

Yes, the Lakers and their general manager Rob Pelinka made all the right moves in the off season that put them in a position to have the second best record in the NBA last month. They were on their way to accomplishing something big when the virus blocked their shot.


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