City Manager Assumes Power as Director of Emergency Services

City Manager John Nachbar acting within his powers a Director of Emergency Services has issued orders to close business where groups might congregate.

He has issued the order that effective 11:59 PM tonight, March 16 the following establishments within the City of Culver City will be temporarily closed to the public:

• Bars, lounges and nightclubs that do not serve food;

• Movie theaters and live performance venues;

• Bowling alleys and arcades; and,

• Gyms and fitness centers, and art, dance, music studios, cultural venues and facilities, and indoor recreational facilities and uses (except as noted below)

The following restrictions will also apply:

• All restaurants (or bars, lounges or nightclubs that serve food) are prohibited from serving food to dine-in customers, but may continue to offer food via delivery, takeout, or drive-through. Dine-in food service is prohibited.

• For those establishments offering food pick-up options, proprietors must establish social distancing practices for those patrons in the queue for pick-up (minimum 6 foot distance between patrons).

These restrictions do not apply to:

• Grocery stores––there is no shortage of food or interruption of our food supply

• Cafeterias within hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities

• Pharmacies

• Food banks

The restrictions will be effective through March 31, unless they are extended.

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship are exempt by law, however are urged in the strongest terms to limit large gatherings on their premises and to explore and implement ways to practice their respective faiths while observing social distancing practices.

Eviction Prohibition

No landlord shall evict a residential tenant in the City of Culver City during this period of local emergency, if the tenant is able to show an inability to pay rent due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find the full text of the Public Order on the city's website by going to:


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