In my opinion, we do not have a homeless crisis in Culver City.

There is no evidence that any resident of Culver City is homeless and living on the streets of Culver City. Let us end this facade by taking the follow steps:

1. Return the $23 million in federal and state taxes for homelessness.


a) We don't have any homeless residents;

b) Continuing to accept these funds only forces us to rationalize a crisis that we do not have. There were 236 homeless identified in Culver City in the last count. Of those, who were Culver City residents?; and

c) If any were, I believe our local resources and community network can handle it without taxes from other cities or additional taxes from local residents.

2. Disband the Homeless Committee.

There is no evidence that they have assisted any Culver City resident experiencing homelessness since its inception in 2008. In my inquiry with the City to identify how many homeless Culver City residents we assisted; I was given a fact sheet of general statistics of assistance to homeless persons by the non-profit Upward Bound. No evidence was provided of actual Culver City residents that were homeless they assisted. Continuing the committee only facilitates the facade and creates division among residents vying to use taxpayer funds and city land to house anyone who steps foot in Culver City.

3. Enforce the vagrancy laws.

These laws set necessary boundaries for us to know when we are not capable of caring for ourselves and need help. The 9th Circuit’s interpretation on the 8th amendment clearly missed the mark. The problem is not the vagrancy laws; it’s the fact that we got rid of the laws that allow others to intervene and help. For starters, let us enact SB 640 and expand conservatorship to help the mentally ill. Drug addicts fall in the same boat. They need mandated treatment not encampments. I believe enforcing these vagrancy laws along with enacting laws to intervene is the moral thing to do.

4. Encourage those passionate about helping people in need.

Let’s encourage those who are led to serve to start or volunteer with non-profits. Let them go engage each of the homeless that have traveled to Culver City and assist them with their own resources. For example, the amazing work done by long time resident Mr. Paul Ehrlich to assist homelessness. I believe his efforts have done more for homelessness than any committee.

5. Take care of each other.

For those Culver City residents that do experience hardship, we already have a social network among residents to assist. This is seen very clearly on Facebook and Nextdoor. People ask for help and they get it. Period.

Anthony Rizzo

Culver City Resident

Member of Protect Culver City


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