Free Garden and Compost Workshops Return


February 27, 2020

LA County’s Smart Gardening Program Brings Organic Gardening and Composting Education to Culver City

LA County Public Works will offer its Smart Gardening Intro to Composting program at Veterans Memorial Complex from 9:30 to 11:00am on Saturday, February 22nd.

Smart Gardening techniques use yard and food waste to build and replenish the soil, consume less water, and grow beautiful gardens. The program teaches residents how to divert waste from landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the simple practices of composting, organic and water-wise gardening, and grasscycling.

Los Angeles County Public Works provides these free Smart Gardening workshops to residents throughout the greater LA area from February through November. Two types of workshops are typically offered:

-Intro to Composting covers the basic techniques of both backyard bin and worm bin composting, water-wise gardening, and grasscycling.

-Organic Gardening workshops go into more detail about organic edible gardening, building healthy soil, landscaping with native plants, and integrated pest management to avoid using harmful chemicals.

Both workshops are designed to empower LA County residents to reduce waste and to make a positive impact on our environment by building healthy soil, reducing water use, and growing organic food for their families and communities.

Attendees have the opportunity to purchase discounted backyard compost bins and worm composting systems after the workshop.

For more information about Smart Gardening and the upcoming schedule, please visit

Veterans Memorial Complex is located at 4117 Overland Avenue in Culver City.


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