Council Lowers Age for Appointment to City Commissions

Also Allows Illegal Aliens to Serve

The council voted to amend the city code to allow minors over the age of sixteen and residents who many not be registered voters or in the country legally can apply for positions on city commissions. Councilmember Alex Fisch noted that he didn’t expect a lot of interest from younger people and that the council would take a hard look at whoever requested an appointment. The vote was 4-1 with Vice Mayor Goran Eriksson opposing the move. He was concerned about verifying that appointees being Culver City residents which would still be a requirement. He also wondered why the rush to allow sixteen-year old’s when the city has never had and eighteen year old on any commission.

Council also approved providing childcare at council and commission meetings for residents who needed that service. The estimated cost to the city was $10,000 per year.

Fisch also pointed out that voting along with polling places will be dramatically different this year. He stressed that your regular polling place where you have gone to cast your ballot over the years will no longer exist.

Voting will take place in voting centers. The most prominent one in Culver City will be at Veteran’s Auditorium. Fisch commented that the drawback is that lines might be long on election day but pointed out that the voting centers will be open for thirteen days.

He urged residents to take advantage to the early voting opportunities.


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