Bloomberg inspires Culver City Realtor to surprise Jeff Bezos at Oscars

Jeff Bezos is in for an interstellar surprise when he attends the Oscars pre-show in Hollywood this Sunday, Feb. 9.

As Bezos and his entourage arrive at the Dolby Theater, an airplane flying overhead will greet them with a banner that says, “Jeff Bezos, meet space Realtor Dushime Gashugi.”

Gashugi’s pitch to Bezos is simple: if the Amazon founder is serious about taking earthlings to the moon, Gashugi wants to sell their homes, both on Earth and in space.

“Bezos is one of the most socially conscious people on the planet,” Gashugi says. “Not only is he building a homeless shelter in his Seattle headquarters, but he’s also planning to alleviate overcrowding on Earth by moving trillions of people to live in space colonies on the moon and beyond. How can you not have the highest respect for a guy like that?”

It won’t be the first time Gashugi has used unorthodox tactics to showcase his vision for the future. In 2017, he famously stood along the road leading to the Sun Valley Annual Conference for 27 hours holding a large sign inviting Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates for coffee. The following week, Bloomberg called Gashugi twice and changed the trajectory of his life. As a result, Gashugi inaugurated a global campaign involving hip-hop superstar Drake, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and basketball legend LeBron James to propose a partnership with Elon Musk’s Mars colony. As part of that promotion, he created a series of YouTube videos in 18 different languages, including Klingon.

Gashugi has a special message for Bezos. “I would like to invite you to dinner to expand your interplanetary ambitions. This meeting would adhere to your two-pizza rule,” Gashugi says. “It won’t take long, but I want to share my vision for interplanetary real estate and my thoughts on how to sign up a trillion space pioneers.”

Additional information on Gashugi and his ingenious interplanetary aspirations is available online at or by phone at 323-637-7198.


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