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Good news for those men and women who lives in Oklahoma. It is projected over the next 10 years; they will have a shortage of 7,000 skilled workers each year for the next decade according to an Oklahoma Works study.

The Smithsonian reports out of the roughly 1000 malls currently open 9.3 percent of available space sits vacant.

A slaughterhouse in Jaru, Rondonia can kill one cow every eight seconds.

If you are driving in rural America around dawn and between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., you should be an alert driver. The odds of hitting a deer in California are one in 1125, in Georgia one in 131, in Maine 1 in 135, in South Dakota 1 in 75.

Slap me across my face, because I just cannot believe the cowboy legislators in Wyoming collected over $1 Billion in sales and use taxes in fiscal year 2019 up 12 percent.

Get out your check book, because the United States deficit grew to almost $867 Billion for the first ten months of the fiscal year exceeding the figure for all last year. Republican tax cuts impressed federal spending, and an aging population have contributed to the strain.

Due in Los Angeles sometime in the first quarter of 2020, the Los Angeles Police Department will begin testing a device that gives officers an alternative to firing a taser or a gun. The Bola Wrap 100 fires a Kevlar cord that wraps around and snares a person 10-25 feet away.

Here is another, Grand Theft Wallet “Starting finance a $45 Billion construction plan has Illinois lawmakers taking a second look, the “State Journal Register “reports the tax taking effect January 1, 2020 is 9 percent on spaces rented by the month or year. It’s 6 percent for spaces rented hourly, daily or weekly.

From Cure Magazine, men with advanced prostate cancer may benefit from genomic testing as BRCA and other gene mutations play a bigger role in guiding treatment.

Scientific American wrote we should end vaccine exemptions based upon religious and philosophical differences, because they are too dangerous to public health. As of late August 2019, there had been more than 1200 cases of measles across the United States.

Little Richard was 87 on December 5, 2019. Happy Birthday to the King of Rock and Roll and all his family and friends in Macon, Georgia.

When do you think President Trump will learn there are people one can mess with and there are others you better not rile? One such person is an old dear person my wife and I met years ago at an organized labor breakfast. Congressman Walters is just a fighter. The lady and her “two Joe Lewis” have so many facts on her fingertips.

Regardless of the day or time many is the time when driving in the Inglewood area I would stop at Randy’s Donuts for a sugar rush.

Are you one of the millions who pay excess fees to file taxes online? A future item in the column just might keep money in your wallet.

When you and I were kids we clearly remember Jesse Jackson traveling all over this great country leading the charge for Civil Rights, voting rights, etc. etc etc. The question of the day where is Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition?


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BBCC writes:

Thank you for writing. As far as Deer go, yes you can be hit by one as I was many years ago, but that was in TN. The gain versus the loss of a city comes in all forms, but THE MOST CRUCIAL one I believe is people. Without PEOPLE a city will be nothing. That's my food for thought. Cheers Mr. Rubenstein.