REO Speedwagon Tour

A Classic Rock band rolling into to Beverly Hills

A Classic Rock band will "keep pushin'" on. The REO Speedwagon tour will land at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on February 4 to delight all their adoring fans.

Nobody can call these guys fossil rockers...they sound as good as they did when they formed and started making hits back in the '70's.

REO will get the party started with frontman Kevin Cronin belting out hits like "Don't Let Him Go," "Ridin' The Storm Out," "Keep On Loving You," "Can't Fight This Feeling," "Roll With The Changes," among many others.

Long-time band members will take the stage with Cronin: founder Neal Doughty on keyboards, bassist Bruce Hall, lead guitarist Dave Amato, and drummer Bryan Hitt. Amato said that he likes being a member of REO because there's a guitar solo in just about every song. Hall always gets to sing his anthem "Back on the Road Again," a song he also wrote.

The band members bring great energy to the stage, especially Cronin. He's a charismatic individual who connects with the audience with not only his songs but inspiring messages and anecdotes.


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