NO on Prop K

Dear Editor,

Culver City homeowner’s are currently paying taxes for UNIFIED SCHOOLS and COMMUNITY COLLAGE, and we have been for some years. I have been paying, approximately $100.00 per year. Check your current and past tax bills. The majority of students that attend West Los Angeles Collage live outside of Culver City, but we, as CC homeowners carry that tax burden. Prop K, states our schools are in disrepair. If that is the case we must ask ourselves what were the past years taxes for our Unified School and the Community College used for? In addition, how many families with students who attend CC schools live in rental apartments and will not have to be paying these taxes? If Prop K passes, it will burden us with an additional $189.00, plus the taxes we currently pay. Vote NO on prop K! IT IS UNFAIR TO Culver City HOMEOWNERS.

Long time, Culver City homeowner,

Sharon Elstein


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