Transparent California Reveals Cost of Top Brass at City Hall

The Culver City Jewish War Veterans Post 617 mentioned in a recent newsletter the USS Arizona is in a bad state of repair and will remain closed indefinite.

Have you ever head of Cloud Break Communities? Well, neither have I; they claim to have affordable Housing at every location, Supportive Housing Developments and continual partnerships with area non-profits. VASH/Vouchers accepted, utilities included, kitchens available in studio/one bedroom units, priority leasing to qualified homeless veterans, income restrictions may apply. Westside Residences in Inglewood, CA, 725 East Hindry Avenue, Inglewood 90301, (310) 496-8133 SRO, shared and studio units available.

Does anybody besides Cousin Neil remember years ago when the high school had ROTC? The social “do gooders” had it removed.

Did you read that Governor Gavin Newsom is expanding the size and role of the California Governor’s office? Newsom is establishing the Office of the First Partner with his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom with seven new positions and a $791,000 budget. The figures below are the 2018 wages and benefits for the four city employees working in the Culver City managers office as reported to the California State Controller’s office and made available to Transparent California. These figures include salary and all benefits.

Names Titles Year Amounts & The Grand total equals $1,152,662.34

John Nachbar City Manager 2018 $421,504.47

Serena Wright Asst. City Manager 2018 $308,806.43

Shelly Wolfberg Asst. to City Manger 2018 $222,344.74

Jesse Mays Asst. to City Manager 2018 $200,006.70

Source: Transparent California. 2018 report.

Of course, many know Governor Newsom gets $202,000 per year or half of what six Culver City Employees get in wages, and benefits. Although I could be mistaken, I don’t think so. If those six employees retire and take a smaller retirement check each month then their check goes on and on and on for somewhere around $180,000. We have been squeezed like a plum to we could be a prune soon.

I guess what burns my --- is the California Governor gets $202,000 and represents over 35 million or so folks while we have six Culver City employees getting over $400,000 with the city’s population around 41,000. Perhaps someone found a missing check book.

If the cops give you a ticket for driving while texting the fine is $25.00 in South Carolina according to the local news station.

What kind of mess is this? November 3rd was National Sandwich Day and I will not have enough fixing to make even one-mile high Dagwood.

I still don’t believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself while in the lock up in New York City. If he wasn’t murdered, I could just imagine what high society names would pop loose.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Aimovig a drug designed to prevent debilitation headaches. People with migraines will get a monthly shot that targets a molecule which has been shown to reduce headache frequency for chronic suffers.

The leather jacket actor, Henry Winkler, of Happy Days fame recently turned 74.

The Savannah Morning News revealed recently the plight of medical doctors in rural Georgia. Eight counties have no doctors, several more have zero family medicine practitioners. More than one third of the counties lack a single pediatrician. Beginning in 2021 students will be able to complete med school in three years and after working for six years in rural Georgia, the state will forgive the doctor loans generally $150,000 to $200,000.

It was just 51 years ago (almost). On February 9, 1969 the first flight of the Boeing 747 took place. The test plight between Seattle and New York City in 4 hours and five minutes and history was made. The Summer of 69 a turning point in history- The Lucy Burns Museum soon to open in Lorton Virginia in January 2020 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Gosh, it’s been 3 ½ years since the Expo Line light rail’s extension went all the way to Santa Monica also noted in the Long Beach Press-Telegram was the passing of Alan Young of Mr. Ed fame. Mr. Young was 96.

The Montgomery, Alabama City Council has rejected a proposal to punish people who give cash to panhandlers with jail time.

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