Cheated on Property Tax Bill

Dear Editor,

I just want to put this on paper, how I was cheated out of $189. on my property tax for this year, 2019,

which I already paid in full.

I live in a condo; on my garage cork board was an elaborate write-up about K, saying that old persons could opt-out if done by June 2019. The notice first appeared to me there about 17 Nov 2019!!

A couple of days later was a replacement brochure relating to 2020.

I traced the persons and organizations, and was told that a post card notice was mailed to everyone.

Certainly not to me, and a totally incompetent, dishonest way to treat the taxpayers, suckers; perhaps designed that way.

And federal tax no longer allows any recourse.

Had this been involved with a commercial enterprise, as opposed to civil servants, all would have lost their employment.

Anything that I can do to get back to CC, I shall try, forever.

M. Lessen

Culver City


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