Former Culver City Daycare Owner

Charged with Child Abuse in Colorado

Carla Faith, a former owner of daycare centers in Culver City in 1990s that were stripped of their licenses, has been charged in Colorado Springs with multiple counts relating to her childcare facility.

The State of Colorado has suspended the license for Play Mountain Place daycare in Colorado Springs after 26 children were found behind a false wall in the owner's basement. All of the children are under the age of 3.

Faith, 58, has been charged with child abuse and attempt to influence a public servant, and accused of hiding nearly 30 kids behind a fake wall in the facility and housing more children than permitted.

In the 1990s, Faith operated Faith Family Day Care, housed in at least two homes on Madison Avenue and Lafayette Place in Culver City. Only one was licensed for 12 children. The daycare centers were later shut down by the state.

According to a report in the April 25, 1998 edition of the Los Angeles Times: "After initially being denied entry to the residence, investigators found two staff members hurrying off through an alley with 31 children between 18 months and 4 years of age. Thirteen children were inside the home," according to the incident report.

"They were racing the children down the alley to a place where they could hide," said one investigator who spoke on condition of anonymity. "These were little kids, tripping and falling as they were being herded along. Some didn't even have shoes on. I've never seen anything like it."

Germaine Abood, whose son attended one of Faith's daycare facilities in Culver City, where staff was caught hiding children, told Fox News in Denver last month that Faith "is a sociopath."

"It's identical. It's exactly what she does," said Abood. "There's bats in her belfry, let's put it that way. She's a sociopath."

Abood's son was one of 44 children local authorities discovered hidden at the daycare, a facility licensed for just 12 kids.

"When you walked in the front gate it was like a child's nirvana, and it was all smoke and mirrors. It was terrible. She hid kids in closets, in the attic. He (my son) was terrified of the dark for years," Abood told Fox News.

Last month Colorado Springs police were asked to assist with a welfare check at Play Mountain Place daycare center after receiving a complaint.

Upon their arrival, police officers were unable to locate any children.

The owner of the property refused to cooperate with police. Upon hearing children in the house, officers found a false wall that led to the basement where they located the children.


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