The Call for Female Firefighters

I am truly amazed with the Mayor, the Honorable Meghan Sahli-Wells for not speaking more forcibly as it relates to the lack of lady firefighters in our city. Perhaps the fire chief should institute policies (like so many cities and towns in our country) which will increase their stamina. In my opinion Meghan wants her next appointment to be either in Sacramento or in Los Angeles County Government. Sahli-Wells doesn’t realize her present position was made possible in part by ladies before who held the door open. I remember fondly Mayor Jozelle Smith who appointed women to commissions and committees. When it came to a good decent lady Mayor Smith was the best. Perhaps the current Mayor should meet over lunch with the slightly older and a lot wiser Mayor from another era.

So, you think only the fire department discriminates. Well a jury agreed with ex-police chief Lili Hadsell that the city of Baldwin Park fired her, because she’s a woman. Do you think their police department will give Lili an armed guard so she can deposit her $7 million award in her account? Los Angeles Times wrote some fines are unconstitutional. In Dunedin, Florida a homeowner was fined $103,559 over a dirty swimming pool and overgrown vegetation at a house she left to the bank eight years ago.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Wall Street Journal printed a ruling by the U.S Supreme Court which stated police needed a warrant to search vehicles parked at private homes. The court long has recognized privacy interests limit police intrusions not only into structures, but also the immediately surrounding property, known as the curtilage. The decision by an 8 to 1 vote confirmed carports and driveways may constitute part of the curtailed. The ruling follows a unanimous finding that the Fourth Amendment protections extend to rental cars driven by people not listed on the rental agreement.

The Florida Times – Union recently mentioned a team of international researchers stated there isn’t enough evidence to tell people to cut back on red or processed meat. Both the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society disagree.

A judge has ordered the dismissal of decades old charges against five African American men stemming from a 1939 sit-in at a white - only library.

The New York Times said New York City has approved a Central Park monument featuring -for the first time – accomplished women.

August 2020 good people will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States.

What’s the latest with the Larry Nassar case?

Is there any wonder, in the roaring 20s the vices of booze and gambling were outlawed? Now they are major sources of state revenue.

Divorce was a rarity. Now half of all marriages are dissolved.

After the sexual revolution of the ‘60s births out of wedlock rocketed to where 40 percent of all children are born without a father in the home as are half of Hispanics. Pornography which used to bring a prison term, today dominates cable TV, Marijuana, once a social scourge is the new product.

Motorists in the Golden State no longer must worry the courts or DMV will grab their driver’s license; due to, unpaid fines. The recently signed by the governor will help ensure peoples’ lives are not derailed by traffic tickets.

Georgia Power is asking for permission to go up on its prices. The Savannah Morning News reported a while back the utility is seeking to increase customer cost for 1000 kilowatt hours per month by almost $10 or almost $120 per year. Georgia Power claims their basic service charge has increased only $2.50 over 30 years and remains among the lowest of Georgia’s utilities.

My apologies to the President of the Board of Education Kelly Kent for her quote “But we don’t have any money and consequently will need to raise taxes again.” Years and I mean many years ago I recall when Dr. Russell was my dentist and elected to the Board, he would take great pride in telling me how reserves were doing and how student scores were going higher. One of the primary focus of this Commentary since the beginning has been taxes, wages and benefits, but Retiring California teachers will earn more than working teachers in 24 states “from a previous article by Mike Antonucci. The article claims their pension system has $210 billion in net assets, but its only 63.7 percent of the money necessary to pay all those teachers pensions owed.

In my opinion Mayor Megan Sahli-Wells is like a chess grand master when it comes to City government. Could it just be the mayor didn’t want any interference from the Finance Committee and thus chose to bypass them. My thoughts as well.

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