Maintenance Lacking in Culver City?

Dear Editor,

Recently I was in touch with our City Maintenance Department. I need to have a tree removed since it is raising my driveway and front porch. I have lived here in town since 1972, and for years the maintenance department would come by every two (2) years and cut the tree roots between the parkway and the sidewalk. That stopped maybe 10 years ago.

When I originally contacted the city they told me that they had to stop doing the maintenance due to lay-offs or just not replacing retirees or people who left the cities employment. They just come out and put some asphalt on the sidewalk so that no one falls and sues the city.

Why on earth would anyone let the maintenance of the city not take president over other expenditures? If you have good maintenance you can keep costs of replacement down. It is the same with a home or an automobile, if you take care of it, it will last longer.

I am writing as I see expenditures noted in the newspapers for arts, road diets, bike lanes and other similar budget items. While the infrastructure of the city declines, it seems we have lost our reasonable thinking processes.

Please consider what I have stated. We need maintenance of what we have in this wonderful town of ours.

Pamela Dennis

Culver City


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