California Budget to Top $101 Billion

California Governor Newsom will soon announce his budget for 2019-2020 and guess what the latest projection claims total spending of $101.6 billion. The Los Angeles Times said weeks ago this is a $4.6 billion boast over K-12 school operations from last summer and an astounding increase of $35 billion from what lawmakers approved in 2014.

With all this money for wages and pensions will we need another parcel tax? No, in my opinion. I would like to see is a Grand Jury look at the books line by line.

It’s still a major disappointment to me and many others that our Culver City Unified School District is ranked 831 out of 940 school districts in the State of California.

A while back a bedbug infestation forced the closure of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific station jail for three days.

Some what frequently these days my wife and I jump in the car to see historical points of interest. The Southeast is just full of amazing sights. It wasn’t that long ago we toured the First African Baptist Church which was organized at Pike’s Bluff Plantation in the year 1859.

Time Magazine says Michael Bloomberg will spend $15 -$20 million to register voters in battle ground states. The new effort will target 500,000 voters from traditionally under presented groups that typically lean Democratic. The drive will begin early next year in Arizona, Michigan, Texas and North Carolina.

Can I please hear everyone sing, “Happy Birthday” for Oliver Hardy? He was born on January 18, 1892 in Harlem, Georgia and was one half the Laurel and Hardy Team. Whenever we are close by, we always stop by the museum.

In 1944, the U.S. Navy began accepting Black Women into the Waves. (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service).

One doesn’t need to be an Einstein or know how to use logarithms or even a slide rule to see how the Board of Education made so many mistakes; which is going to cost plenty to redo.

The Associated Press wrote Governor Newson signed a law requiring companies like Amazon to collect sales taxes on behalf of some out of state sellers.

Least affordable rental markets in the U.S. according to the USC Price School of Public Policy; they are quoted by the

1. Washington, D.C

2. San Diego, California

3. Los Angeles, California

4. Riverside, San Bernadine, California

5. Sacramento, California

Across our county, 8th grade girls outperform boys in engineering even though they take fewer engineering classes. Girls often were just as good, because they take their time to think through problems and boys rush and make mistakes.

I ran into Maria AKA “The Wild Gypsy Lady”, over a cup of hot tea she told me in a husked voice, “Trump will lose the 2020 election for President of these United States and will claim executive privilege to try to remain in office while the Republican controlled Supreme Court rules. His claim of National Security will be on lips of every voter. Will it work?

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