Fox Hills Residents Still Disenfranchised

Why does it seem (rightly or wrongly) the City of Culver City always likes to tweak Fox Hills nose? I guess one of the main reasons is that area has approximately 5,000 people but no one has ever been elected to the City Council. They don’t have a soul to protect their rights’ and voice their concerns. Look at the new voting method coming soon. If one takes a survey to place the booths where oh where would city hall put it to maximize participation? Frankly, most would agree someplace in the mall was the first choice of many. But a place pushed by the possible uninformed actually seems to have more than a few raised hands – Grace Lutheran on Overland Avenue. But Grace has very limited parking and after the poll workers grab their slots… well keep your hiking boots handy.

How many remember the first three years of the Martin Luther King Committee met in a Culver City Park? Life is better but we have a long way to go. The city staff Dawn Melton and Arames White – Shearin are fantastic. What would you do? I read an article in our local newspaper (Brunswick News) recently. It seems in the not to distant future we just might have an election to eliminate property tax for those 65 and older. What would you do? Now Cousin Neil went to several Federal, State, County and City agencies asking then to double check my birth records. Guess What, in every case I’m on the right side of the line!!! But here in the Southeast property tax is 50 percent or there about the tax rate of California.

For those who eat bacon you should know real bacon is made from just a few ingredients, such as pork and salt. Fake bacon can have over 40 ingredients, including tertiary. Butylhydroquinone, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. Se what you are really putting in your mouth at clean food

Don’t mess with Arizona; State Senator Paul Boyer plans to seek legislation that would prohibit city officials from earning more that the governor, who makes $95,000 a year. I just wonder if I can send a contribution to the Senator’s office in Phoenix.

Novartis AG’s Sandoz unit said it was halting worldwide distribution of its generic versions of the stomach drug Zantac, days after regulators in the United States and Europe began an investigation the discovery of a potentially cancer causing chemical in the medications.

I recently picked up a copy of the Veterans of Foreign Wars magazine and was surprised to read our troopers assigned to the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division were in Poland for training (approximately 1500 soldiers).

Thousands of people will be able to clear old criminal records after a mass reduction of criminal charges by the top prosecutor in Utah’s Salt Lakes City.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the City’s famed cable cars are running again after a 12- day service halt to rehabilitate the gearboxes that help run the 19th century system.

I wonder if those big bullies put a choke hold on a six-year-old in Orlando, Florida. Because she had a tantrum at school the six-year-old was handcuffed, arrested and fingerprinted. USA Today.

I and perhaps you as well have heard persistent rumors regarding females in Culver City Fire house. These mischaracterizations claim ladies are physically not up to the challenges of heavy equipment. The Culver City Senior Fire management should treat all applicants objectively and should immediately start physical training classes.

Throughout our country ladies are proud members of fire departments – thousands from Maine to California and Florida to Washington.

Perhaps; an article from the September 25, 2019 page 3A of the Brunswick, Georgia News will alleviate and put to rest the misconception floating around.

The headline, “Army Veteran served as firefighter”. The Veteran, Amanda Brewer was given 13 weeks of firefighting training before transferring to Goodfellow Air Force Base. Her training included responding to fires on military assets such as vehicles, aircraft, and structures. Other training included first aid and response to chemical fires and disasters. If Armanda Brewer with 13 weeks of training is good for the U.S. Army and National defense, then ladies should be good in Culver City!!!

General Motors suffered its first strike from the United Auto Workers in a dozen years, in a battle over jobs and benefits. The dispute may cost the U.S. carmaker about $50 million a day in earnings before interest and tax, some analysists estimate. Bloomberg Businessweek

Did you forget to send Gina Lollobrigida a birthday card? My calendar said she turned 92 on July 3rd.

If you have some extra money in your jeans why not send a check to Fort Smith, Arkansas. A foundation for the U.S. Marshals Museum has started a GoFundMe Campaign to raise $2 million of the final $15 million needed to complete its exhibits.

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