NFL Power Rankings – Week 13

Rams Drop to #17 - Chargers Improve to #22

1. San Francisco 49ers (10-1): The 49ers have the No.1 ranked defense in the NFL and No.1 passing defense in the NFL. Where they have showed weakness on defense is in stopping the run, giving up an average of 4.7 yards per carry. The next opponent will definitely test that weakness. Next: +6 at Baltimore Ravens – Sun, Dec. 1

2. Baltimore Ravens (9-2): Quarterback Lamar Jackson has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the fourth time this season. At this point, the award just needs to be called the Lamar Jackson award. Considering his next opponent, if he wins in Week 13, he is the NFL MVP. Next: -6 vs San Francisco 49ers - Sun, Dec. 1

3. New England Patriots (10-1): The Pats are 10-1 with the Bengals and the Dolphins on the schedule. It would be safe to say they will win at least 12 games, with the tougher games being at Houston, and home games versus the Bills and Chiefs. The Pats should end up with 13 to 14 wins. They have the inside track to homefield advantage in the AFC playoffs. Next: -3 at Houston Texans - Sun, Dec. 1

4. New Orleans Saints (9-2): Wide receiver Michael Thomas leads all NFL wide receivers in receptions, receiving yards and first downs. He is having an historic season and he should be a runner-up candidate for MVP, which already has Lamar Jackson's name on it. Next: -6.5 at Atlanta Falcons - Thu, Nov. 28

5. Seattle Seahawks (9-2): Running back Rashaad Penny had a breakout game against the Eagles, rushing for 129 yards on 13 carries, including a 58-yard touchdown run. With Chris Carson's fumbling issues, expect Penny to take on a bigger role in the backfield. Next: -3 vs Minnesota Vikings - Mon, Dec. 2

6. Minnesota Vikings (8-3): The Vikings have a very favorable schedule down the stretch. Of their last four games, three are at home, with the lone road game against the Chargers. That game will likely be home game as well. Next: +3 at Seattle Seahawks - Mon, Dec. 2

7. Green Bay Packers (8-3): The Packers have played two road games in California this season and have lost by a combined score of 63-19. It would be easy to blame the travel, but that cannot be the answer. Next: -6.5 at New York Giants - Sun, Dec. 1

8. Buffalo Bills (8-3): The Bills signed wide receiver John Brown to a three-year contract worth $27 million and it has been a wise investment. Brown has provided the Bills with a wide receiver that can make big plays on the outside. Brown is ranked No. 9 in receiving yardage in the NFL and leads the Bills with 58 receptions. Next: +6.5 at Dallas Cowboys - Thu, Nov. 28

9. Houston Texans (7-4): Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins is second in the NFL in receptions with 81 and is tied for second with 52 first downs. Quarterback Deshaun Watson's job is much easier with Hopkins at wide receiver. Next: +3 vs New England Patriots – Sun, Dec. 1

10. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4): With a victory over the Raiders on Sunday, the Chiefs will basically wrap up their 4th consecutive AFC West division title. The Chiefs would have a two-game lead over the Raiders and because they swept the head-to-head games with the Raiders, a three-game lead with four games left in the regular season. Next: -10 vs Oakland Raiders - Sun, Dec. 1

11. Dallas Cowboys (6-5): The Cowboys are probably the best team in the NFC East and should win the division title. As it stands right now, that means a home game in the first round against either the Seahawks or Vikings. The Cowboys would be underdogs against both teams. Next: -6.5 vs Buffalo Bills - Thu, Nov. 28

12. Oakland Raiders (6-5): After the Raiders blowout loss to the Jets, Head Coach Jon Gruden stated that, "We're not the '85 Bears. We're a developing football team." The question for Raider fans, what are they developing into? Next: +10 at Kansas City Chiefs - Sun, Dec. 1

13. Indianapolis Colts (6-5): Where did running back Jonathan Williams come from? Until two weeks ago, the three-year veteran had rushed for one total yard in the NFL. He rushed for over 104 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the Texans, giving him two consecutive games with over 100 yards rushing. Next: -2.5 vs Tennessee Titans – Sun, Dec. 1

14. Tennessee Titans (6-5): The Titans have won four of their last five games to climb back into the playoff picture. All four wins were at home and now they take the show on the road with consecutive games at Indianapolis and Oakland. Next: +2.5 at Indianapolis Colts - Sun, Dec. 1

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5): Devlin Hodges has been named the starting quarterback for the re-match with the Browns in Pittsburgh. The 2019 undrafted free agent will make his second start of the season. His first start was against the Chargers, in a 24-17 victory. This past weekend, he came off the bench to throw a 79-yard touchdown pass to lead a comeback win over the Bengals. Next: +2 vs Cleveland Browns – Sun, Dec. 1

16. Los Angeles Rams (6-5): The 2019 Rams need to find 2017 Todd Gurley. Or 2018 Todd Gurley. At this point, Gurley looks like 2016 Gurley, when he failed to rush for over 100 yards in a single game. He has not rushed for 100 yards or more in a single game this season. Without a productive Gurley, this Ram offense has struggled to score points. Next: -3 at Arizona Cardinals - Sun, Dec. 1

17. Carolina Panthers (5-6): Christian McCaffery has never been named to an All-Pro team or Pro Bowl in his three-year career. That streak will end this season, as he should not only make both, but is a favorite to win NFC Offensive Player of the Year. McCaffery leads the NFL in rushing at 1,123 yards through 11 games. Next: -10 vs Washington Redskins - Sun, Dec. 1

18. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6): The Eagles appear to be circling the drain but have some hope left due to the schedule. In the final five weeks of the season, they play the Dolphins, the Giants (twice), the Redskins and the Cowboys in Philadelphia. Next: -10 at Miami Dolphins - Sun, Dec. 1

19. Chicago Bears (5-6): The Bears, to the disappointment of Raider fans, held on for a victory against the New York Giants, 19-14. The Bears are not a playoff team, but they can impact the playoffs, with remaining games against the Cowboys, Packers, Chiefs and Vikings. Next: -4.5 at Detroit Lions - Thu, Nov. 28

20. Cleveland Browns (5-6): Jarvis Landry was the 12th wide receiver selected in the 2014 NFL draft. There were 33 wide receivers selected in the 2014 draft, a very good and deep wide receiver draft. Landry has 540 career receptions, more than any other wide receiver in that 2014 draft. He has never missed a game in the NFL. Next: -2 at Pittsburgh Steelers - Sun, Dec. 1

21. New York Jets (4-7): The Jets have won three consecutive games after a rout of the Raiders in New York. There is some good talent on this team and if they can keep quarterback Sam Darnold healthy and draft well in 2020, this could be a playoff team next season. Next: -3 at Cincinnati Bengals – Sun, Dec. 1

22. Los Angeles Chargers (4-7): Running back Justin Jackson has seen limited opportunities in his first two seasons, but that should change next season. With Melvin Gordon expected to depart for a more financially lucrative opportunity, Jackson should become a more featured back, along with Austin Ekeler. Jackson has rushed for 355 yards, averaging 5.1 yards per carry and scoring two touchdowns. Next: -3 at Denver Broncos - Sun, Dec. 1

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1): Cardinal GM Steve Kelm was asked what he is thankful for at this time of year: "I am thankful for the way that Kyler has played." He should be, because if Murray fails, Kelm will be out of a job. Next: +3 vs Los Angeles Rams - Sun, Dec. 1

24. Denver Broncos (3-8): The Broncos have not done much right at quarterback, the most important position on the field, but they have developed talent in other areas. Wide receiver Courtland Sutton, a 2018 second round pick out of SMU, has 50 reception for 832 yards and four touchdowns in 11 games. With the quality of quarterbacks on the Broncos, he is having a very good season. Next: +3 vs Los Angeles Chargers - Sun, Dec. 1

25. Atlanta Falcons (3-8): The Falcons are not going to the playoffs this season, but they get the Saints on Thanksgiving at home and a sweep of the Saints would at least give the Falcons some bragging rights for the offseason. Next: +6.5 vs New Orleans Saints - Thu, Nov. 28

26. Detroit Lions (3-7-1): Starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is out with a back injury. Backup quarterback Jeff Driskell is out with a hamstring pull. The Lions are down to their 3rd string quarterback, David Blough, a 2019 undrafted rookie out of Purdue. Blough has never thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game. Next: -4.5 vs Chicago Bears - Thu, Nov. 28

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7): Three players in the NFL have gone over 1,000 yards in receiving this season and two of them play for the Bucs. Wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have both gone over 1,000 yards with five games left on the schedule. This team has too much talent to be 4-7. Next: -1 at Jacksonville Jaguars - Sun, Dec. 1

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7): Quarterback Nick Foles came back and the Jags have looked horrible, getting blown out against the Colts and Titans. The Jags are one more blowout loss away from Minshew Mania returning to action. Next: +1 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sun, Dec. 1

29. Miami Dolphins (2-9): Former Cal running Patrick Laird may have found a home in Miami. A 2019 undrafted free agent, Laird was playing exclusively on special teams until recently, but with the trade of Kenyan Drake and the release of Mark Walton, Laird has finally got some playing time. Against the Bills in week 11, Laird caught six passes for 51 yards. Next: +10 vs Philadelphia Eagles - Sun, Dec. 1

30. New York Giants (2-9): The New York Giants allowed 38 sacks in their first 11 games in 2018 with Eli Manning at quarterback. They had a record of 3-8. Through the first 11 games of 2019, the Giants have allowed 35 sacks with quarterback Daniel Jones at the helm. Their record is 2-9. Not much has changed. Next: +6.5 vs Green Bay Packers - Sun, Dec. 1

31. Washington Redskins (2-9): Want to figure out how to fix the Redskins? Well, besides a change at General Manager, the offense is ranked last in the NFL. The passing offense is ranked last in the NFL. The Redskins defense must play well in every game for the team to have a chance to win. The offensive line should be a priority in the offseason. Next: +10 at Carolina Panthers – Sun, Dec. 1

32. Cincinnati Bengals (0-11): The Bengals have decided to go back to Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback. Apparently, Ryan Finley is not the future and the Bengals would like to win a game before the season is over. LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow, who played his high school football in Plains, Ohio, seems like a natural fit for the Bengals. Next: +3 vs New York Jets - Sun, Dec. 1


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