'Imagine A Day Without Water' Coming to Culver City in 2020

Have the members of the Culver City Police Department read this want ad from the Brunswick News? The City of Nahunta, Georgia is now accepting applications for a full-time police chief. We are looking for an experienced police officer with strong integrity and problem-solving skills to join our growing community.

Full job details, requirements, benefits and an application can be required at: Nahunta City Hall, 9911 North Main Street, Nahunta, Georgia 31553, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or “Nahunta employment @biconline.net,” closing date for applications is Dec. 15, 2019.

Yes, I realize the chief would take a serious cut in wages, but if you look at the FBI crime stats, homes can be bought for $250,000, sales tax is 7%, gasoline is $2.30 a gallon for regular, boating and fishing are an hour away, as is the “Federal Law enforcement Training location in Brunswick. Your partner and children will feel better knowing you will be home safe at night. Play your cars right and as the chief you will be first in line for county sheriff.

For those of you who have been rejected for “vanity automobile plates by California DMV, please try again. A recently ruling by a United States District Court is Frankfort, Kentucky said private speech is protected by the First Amendment, so “IM God,” “Try God” and “No God” are okay.

Doctor Hoult, the poet laureate of Culver City chooses her subject with love and care that I am reminded of Edgar Lee Masters, “Spoon River Anthology.” I hope she plans to publish.

What’s cooking with our United States Senator Kamala Harris? Perhaps she feels she has a better shot going to Washington as Vice President especially now that Pense has a bad case of laryngitis.

The Brunswick News reports gender bias suit against Darien Police moves forward. One of a pair of lawsuits continues after a federal court ruling contains enough merit to put in front of a jury.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has added 581 waterways in its biennial report to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) I started years ago asking for these reports from the Board of Education – with no success. I cannot wonder if the school water fountains are having problems.

Normally we wouldn’t be Culver City on or about Oct. 23, 2020, but that’s the date elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators and businesses from across our great nation will take part in the sixth annual Imagine a Day Without Water. An investment in our drinking water and wastewater is essential to our national health and safety. (The Flow).

Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein signed a will before he died by suicide in a New York Jail. The sixty-six (66) year old’s death was ruled a suicide by hanging in August 2019 by N.Y.’s chief medical examiner.

Where is the former House of Representatives speaker? Paul Ryan just vanished.

A judge in Dover, Delaware ruled a Common Pleas Judge erred in the conviction of criminal impersonation, because there was no evidence of a false name he gave a policeman in 2017 belonged to a real person; you cannot be convicted of impersonation someone who doesn’t exist.

From Lexington, Kentucky, two students are suing the University of Kentucky, saying the school violated the law by failing to offer women sufficient varsity athletics opportunities.

In an effort to save rapidly dwindling space, the Army is proposing new rules to limit who can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Why doesn’t the Army invoke eminent domain and obtain the land they need as a final resting place for America’s heroes?

Here is another case of women getting the short end of the stick! Four female nurses are suing Canyon County, Idaho because they say they were paid for lower wages than their male colleagues, though they all had equal or superior experience and performed the same tasks.

Stop me if I told you this already; citizens are talking at county meetings to eliminate property tax on seniors over the age of 65 regardless of their income in Georgia.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court said recently a law that restricts access to drug-induced abortions is unconstitutional.

The 43rd stamp in the United States Postal Service’s Black Heritage series honors Gwen Ifill one of America’s most esteemed journalists.

Do we have an update on the wall between Mexico and the United States?

Recent birthday’s Actor Clu Gulager 91, Ed Asner 90, and Petula Clark 87. Now if Sheriff John of Channel 11 were still with us he would have been 100 on Oct. 6, 2019.


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