Let Dinah's Prepare Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Few reside in Culver City or its neighboring towns who don't know that the friendly atmosphere, ample menu, generous portions and family prices of traditional East coast diners can be found right here in Southern California at Dinah's. Wait to be seated at a cozy vintage booth and choose from a menu featuring everything from omelets to tacos to triple-decker sandwiches to prime rib...and don't forget their signature finger-lickin' fried chicken. Pay at the door with a smile and a nod and never walk away hungry. Conveniently located on Sepulveda just above the Westfield Fox Hills Mall and just below The Bridge Marketplace at Howard Hughes Center, Dinah's is the perfect place to take a lunch break during or kick back at the end of a day of holiday shopping and festivities.

And if the in-laws are coming for Turkey day and you can't bare the thought of too many cooks in the kitchen before dinner and not enough hands on deck to clean up the mess after, Take Thanksgiving off this year, Mom, and let Dinah's do the cooking. Order Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings to go, heat it up and serve in less than 2 hours with nothing to clean but the dinner plates.

Special Thanksgiving Dinner Take-Out -$99.99 +tax. Serves 8 - 10 people. 1.5 hrs to heat turkey. Dine-in Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings served with soup or salad and pie- $20.95 Adults, $10.95 Children.

12 to 14 lb fresh roasted Turkey

1 quart old fashioned Stuffing

2 quarts of Mashed Potatoes

1 quart of Giblet Gravy

1 quart of Candied Yams

1 quart of vegetables (Choose Carrots, Green Beans, Creamed Spinach)

1 pint of Cranberry Sauce

12 Dinner Rolls or loaf of cornbread

1 Pie (Choose Pumpkin or Apple)


6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd., LA

(S. of Jefferson) (310) 645-0456

HOURS: Mon - Sun 6:00 am to 10:00 pm


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