Retired LA County Sanitation Worker Makes $345,417 Per Year

Friends, I have been working feverishly on an article for next week “they don’t want you to know about, until it’s too late for the citizens; in my opinion to stop or slow down.” As such please go to your favorite hardware store and buy several pairs of asbestos gloves, its that HOT!

You know you are getting old when you hear Scooby-Doo celebrates 50th Anniversary. It all began on CBS September 13, 1969.

Perhaps you want to take a guess on the average cost of owning a new vehicle, the Auto Club released recently its findings and they will astound one and all. It seems when factoring in fuel, maintenance, depreciation, insurance and borrowing costs its $9,282 per year or $773.50 per month. The average cost of a small sedan was $7,114 while a pickup was $10,839. What we need is an eight-passenger rickshaw.

I know Sept. 8 passed but on my 2020 calendar Sept. 8 will be celebrated as Grandparents Day.

Many of us just love to sit back with an ice cold brewski after supper and watch a basketball game. We marvel of the agility strength poise stamina and athleticism of the male hoopsters. But what about the Mystics star player Elena Dellie Donne who recently had regular season percentages of 51.5 percent from the free throw line and 97.4 percent free throw shooting. USA Today September 10, 2019. Women can do it – just give them the same opportunity as men.

Viet Nam memorial mistakes as listed on the Memorial in Washington D.C. by the Legionnaire Magazine.

• 3 times one serviceman is listed on the Wall

• 13 Servicemen listed on the Wall twice

• 25 Servicemen who were mistakenly listed on the Wall

• 58,390 names on the Wall

At the Veterans Administration (VA) A. Johnson Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia the bodies of about ten veterans have been exhumed to try and determine the cause of death. As of now it appears someone gave insulin shots to people who didn’t need it.

An ex-sanitation worker for Los Angeles County is one of the top 100 highest pension earners to the Sacramento Bee, drawing the sum of $345,417 per year.

Hundreds of janitors marched along Wilshire Blvd. from Lafayette Park to Normandie Avenue on the 29th Anniversary of the Century City janitors strike which began on Thursday, June 13, 1990

The Oregon Department of Transportation has expanded its road usage charge program, Oregon. The voluntary program charges motorists based on miles driven instead of through fuel taxes. USA Today.

Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 95th birthday o Tuesday, October 1st in Plains, Georgia.

How did this law pass the legislature and signed by the governor? In 1941, the United States Supreme Court unanimously struck down a California law prohibiting people from bringing impoverished non-residents into the state.

The City Council of Denver, Colorado has approved a $50,000 settlement (it should have been a million) with a journalist who was handcuffed and detained after she photographed police standing around a naked man seated on a sidewalk. Susan Greene, editor of the Colorado Independent, says the officers told her to “act like a lady.”

Oklahoma State Attorney General Mike Hunter is warning Oklahomans that a recent federal court ruling in Colorado doesn’t mean women may start going topless in public.

A tax on beer sold at the state’s breweries and brew pubs is in effect and some are passing along the costs to customers.

Where is Michael Avenatti?

The Carol Burnett show began on the CBS network in the Fall of 1967 and continue for 11 seasons. Today reruns can be enjoyed on the Me TV Network.

There is good news for those who like to eat at the newest and best restaurants in the United States. Bon Appetit’s listed two dining establishments in Los Angeles. (The Konbi and Porridge & Puffs).

Mark your calendar for the International Coffee Day on October 1, its been reported, two cups of Coffee could possibly delay Alzheimer’s and dementia. AARP

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