Will Culver City Unified School District Request More Bond Money From Residents

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food found lighter coffee roasts had higher levels of chlorogenic acid= what acts as an antioxidant than darker coffee roasts and light roast extract was better at protecting human cells against inflammation and damage.

More problems for our Navy. China’s first overseas naval base will be in Djibouti, located on the eastern horn of Africa. China says the logistics base will be used to resupply Chinese navy ships taking part in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. As Ronald Regen warned “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

If you are a Marine Veteran and served with the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines at the battle for Dai Do then you should have called Frank Valdez (714) 306-2324 for the 50th reunion on April 30-May 3, 2018 in Quantico, Virginia.

I know you don’t drink but just in case I’m wrong, there is a distillery tour downtown L.A. with detours for sips. 2459 East 8th Street, (213) 275-3668. (greenbardistillery.com) don’t tell them Cousin Neil sent you.

Can it be true? New Mexico reported two citizens recently diagnosed with the plague. Health officials said the first confirmed case occurred in June 2017. Although none have died three patients were hospitalized.

I use Roundup herbicide to get rid of weeds on my driveway, and I betcha many of you do as well. Well friends, Neil has bad news from the California Environmental Protection Agency. A key ingredient of Roundup is being put on the list of cancer causing chemicals. The chemical company might be required to add a label warning. How many years ago did the government force Black Flag to be taken off the shelves? I don’t recall the exact number either, but a good guess might be between 50 and 60.

A group of Arizona lawmakers is seeking to cut the soaring costs of police and fire pensions. The effort comes just over a year after 70 percent of voters approved changes to the state’s public safety pension plan.

I remember very well, and I bet you do as well when Native Americans demonstrated against the pipeline being constructed in the Dakotas. It was the environmentalists and their friends up against a Canadian oil and their pipeline (Keystone). Do I have to tell you who won but it wasn’t in my opinion, the good guys? Recently the pipeline sprung a leak in South Dakota of roughly 5,000 barrels of oil or the equivalent of 210,000 gallons and probably will be fined millions of dollars.

If you are a man with serious concerns with getting prostate cancer you should immediately get your doctor to make arrangements for the nuclear imaging test; just recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and bring currently used at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta Georgia. This new procedure will accurately locate the caner for an earlier diagnosis. A while back, as part of my PSA values were okay or else, I would check to see who has this procedure available – USC, UCLA, Saint John, Cedars, City of Hope or Loma Linda.

The Los Angeles Times in June 2017; recently reported a Canadian sniper killed an Islamic state fighter from 2.2 miles away. The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command released a statement confirming a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the shot, the longest kill shot in military history. I thought my bull’s eyes at 300 meters with a M-14 rifle at Camp Pendleton was pretty darn good for a city boy.

The number of aircraft carriers

USA 10 1 in sea trials 1 being built

China 1 1 being built

Russia 1

India 1 1 being built

England 2 being built

France 1

Can’t be true city hall rolled red carpet for the new head of Sony film and television, Mr. Vinciquerra. Speculation has its Sony is also vacuuming the carpet and working feverously to scrub out numerous coffee stains.

It was just four years ago on August 4, 2015 that 60,000 convicts got their right to vote restored hire in California when the Secretary of State Alex Padilla accepted a court ruling.

Is it possible you bought a Vizio television and weren’t told the manufacture added software on its Smart TV? That’s right while you are watching MSNBC or Fox News, they are secretly collecting information on your viewing preferences the Federal Trade Commission fined Vizio $2.2 million.

Was it really three years ago that Governor Jerry Brown proposed a solution to the fiscal problems at CalSTRS, the state teacher retirement fund? Brown’s revised budget includes a plan to eliminate CalSTRS unfunded liability over 30 years at a cost of $237 Billion by requiring school districts to cover most of that cost. Could it be possible the Board of Education of the Culver City Unified School District will ask us to vote on another bond issue to pay their pension costs? Your darn tootin as Gabby Hayes would say.

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