Council Votes to Ban Flavored Tobacco

The Culver City council took the next step to ban flavored tobacco products in a 5-0 vote Monday night.

There were dozens of speaker cards and speakers and opinions were wide ranging. The ban did not include vaping but did include menthol cigarettes.

Current tobacco stores to be given a 12-month amortization period, all other retailers have 180-day amortization period, to sell their existing products and come into compliance.

Vice Mayor Goran Eriksson cited the ethnic differences with African Americans heavy use of menthol products and the hookah use in the Mediterranean community. He cited being conflicted where on one hand the city approved 3 cannabis stores yet is banning flavored tobaccos. While supporting the move he felt it would have little impact.

Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells felt it was a good starting point citing the reduced use of tobacco product


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