City Will Be Conducting A 'Mobility Workshop' on Oct. 24

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for attending our first 11111 Jefferson community meeting on Aug. 29. Our team appreciates the hundreds of neighbors who came out to our first community meeting and those with whom we’ve met before and since. The feedback we are receiving is tremendously helpful, and we look forward to continuing our discussions in the coming months.

As the next step in Culver City’s planning process, we have submitted an initial project design and program to the City in the form of a Preliminary Project Review (PPR) earlier this week. We’ve included neighbor feedback in our PPR submittal, primarily by reducing the residential density by 10% to 252 apartment units and removing the on-street parking concept for Machado Road.

This is not by any means a fully designed or finalized project request for approval. It is a mandatory step that allows us to begin working with a range of city agencies (such as the Departments of Community Development, Transportation, Public Works, Police, Fire, etc.) on some of the technical aspects of the project such as utilities, access, and compliance with the city’s development standards.

During this process, we will continue to study and refine the project and incorporate community feedback. This is one of many steps we’ll take over the next year to finalize a project through a robust design, environmental assessment and entitlement process. Final project consideration and action will be taken by the Culver City at a public hearing in late summer or early fall of 2020.

We will hold several additional community-wide meetings and are happy to participate in individual or small-group meetings to accommodate as many conversations as possible given our neighbors’ busy schedules with family, work and other civic commitments. We continue to value neighbor collaboration and strongly believe that by engaging the community throughout the process, the project will achieve balance and success.

To that end, we are planning a Mobility Workshop for Oct.24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Culver City Senior Center at Overland and Culver; a formal notification to follow within the next week. At the workshop we will discuss existing conditions on the Sepulveda Jefferson corridor, provide initial traffic data, and solicit your experience regarding local traffic and mobility issues. Fehr & Peers, a nationally known mobility consultant, will lead the interactive workshop.

The Mobility Workshop will be followed by a design-focused community meeting with the project architects later in the fall and an overall project update soon after. We will be in touch soon with meeting invitations for both conversations.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at as many of these conversations as your schedule permits. Please also feel free to reach out to us at


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