Report States California Has Highest Teachers' Salaries

I read with interest Teacher Salaries By State, According to the website California’s teachers are at the top of the list and are making almost seven percent more than second place Massachusetts and over 30 percent more than Ohio in 10th place. The question should be how do our students rank in academic achievement?

Top Ten K-12 Teacher Salaries by State

States Amounts

1. California $70,394

2. Massachusetts $65,894

3. New York $64,583

4. Virginia $59,585

5. Illinois $58,756

6. Texas $58,325

7. Pennsylvania $56,629

8. Georgia $56,227

9. Florida $53,789

10. Ohio $53,309

Even Ray Charles can see for the homeless living in their cars they need a safe parking area with security officers and restrooms. Such a lot which is run by Safe Parking L.A and is in North Hollywood. It’s a slow process, but progress is being made. L.A. Times

Can you believe to help California licensed pot industry compete against the black market, an Assembly Bill under discussion at State Capitol would reduce excise tax on Cannabis sales and suspend the cultivation levy? The excise tax would drop from 15 percent to 11 percent for three years and the cultivation tax of $148 per pound would be suspended for a three-year period as well.

The Philadelphia Trumpet reported 2017 was the “worst year ever for cyberattacks”:

• 159,700 totals reported cyberattacks in 2017,

• 350,000 estimated number of actual attacks

• 18.2 percent increase incidents over 2016

• $3.6 million average cost to companies per data breach

• 7 billion total number of records exposed

• 90 percent increase in businesses targeted by ransomware

• $5 Billion – Financial costs of ransomware

Many residents take visitors and family members to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising at 919 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. (213) 624-1200. They have a collection of almost 11,000 costumes, accessories and textiles that you will positively enjoy.

Unless you were in the military or an educator you probably didn’t know the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is responsible for the education of 70,000 children of military members both in the U.S. and overseas. For that task the federal government employs 8,700 teachers and administrators.

Because 1,000 high school classes in core subjects had fewer than 10 students as such the DoDEA will cut 300 staff positions to free up funds. Apparently, class sizes can be too small. Stars and Stripes.

The people who live in Fox Hills, in my opinion, have been either way laid or even bush wacked. Many of us know roughly 5,000 people in nearly 3,000 units call Fox Hills home. It’s densely populated and traffic during rush hour can be a chore. Yet this area has no direct representation on the city council, nor have they ever had. The latest insult is the proposed location of the Vote Center. To those I asked for location suggestions the Fox Hills people overwhelmingly wanted the mall.

For all of us who are football fans this year is the NFL’s 100th anniversary.

The Tampa Bay Times (Florida) reports the Salvador Dali Museum is planning a major expansion and they filed an application seeking $17.5 million of bed tax money from Pinellas County.

Why don’t a group of us get together and mosey downtown Nashville, Tennessee to see Bob Dylan help open a whiskey distillery in the fall of 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for the brand “Heaven’s Door.”

President Trump, a while back, reached a budget deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi setting the stage for a $1 trillion federal deficit in 2020. The accord includes $738 billion in defense spending and $632 billion in domestic spending. Bloomberg Business Week.

What gives? I and neither have you heard a peep about the wall on the Southern border of these United States.

Inquiring minds want me to reveal the price of regular grade gasoline. Well, its floating around $2.25 a gallon at Sam’s Club.

The University of Wisconsin would be able to increase tuition no greater than the rate of inflation under a bill being proposed in their state Legislature. USA Today.

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