Mall Disturbance Not related to Shooting; fight break out between two men


September 26, 2019

Dennis J Freeman

It was erroneously reported that the incident last Saturday at the Westfield Culver City Mall was related to a shooting that had customers fleeing the shopping center in droves. It turns out that the spectacle that took place was a result of two individuals getting into a fight that escalated when their colleagues got involved.

Culver City Police Capt. Jason Sims said the department had received a phone call about a disturbance at the mall in which officers were dispatched and responded to immediately. The incident allegedly occurred around 7 p.m. Police responded to the call. However, upon arrival on the scene, police discovered that perpetrators in the altercation had been fighting and had already left the scene.

"There were no gunshots fired which was our original call. The original call was that gunshots were fired," Sims said. "It turns out once we got there we learned that, in fact, it was just a fight. No gunshots were fired."


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