Chasing Portraits

About Author and Documentary Film Producer, Elizabeth Rynecki

Elizabeth is the great-granddaughter of the Polish-Jewish artist, Moshe Rynecki (1881–1943). She grew up with his paintings prominently displayed on the walls of her family home and understood from an early age that the art connected her to a legacy from "the old country," Poland. In 1999 Elizabeth designed the original Moshe Rynecki: Portrait of a Life in Art website. She continues to update it with academic research, educational resources, and information about lost Rynecki paintings. Elizabeth has a BA in Rhetoric from Bates College ('91) and a Master's degree in Rhetoric and Speech Communication from UC Davis ('94). She wrote her Master's thesis about children of Holocaust survivors, the second generation.

As the producer of the documentary Chasing Portraits, Elizabeth is an in-demand speaker whose project has been covered by the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Times of Israel, Hadassah Magazine, Canadian Jewish News, JWeekly, and more. She has lectured across North America LinkedIn.


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