AMVETS Eviction Not Covered by Observer

Dear Editor.

I am disappointed in the Observer's lack of reporting integrity.

Not only did the paper not mention with a 3 inch "EVICTED" headline when the AMVETS were kicked out of their historic Post 2 building (as the paper did covering the ouster of the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum) by Culver City Hall, the paper failed to mention it was the former AMVETS building that adjacent neighbor Wende Museum now wants to house the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum.

Is the former AMVETS building appropriate for housing a library and museum? Definitely not. Did the Wende Museum come to the aid of the AMVETS? No. The AMVETS were evicted by Culver City Hall even though the AMVETS were able and willing to correct any building deficiencies.

Boy Scouts of America be aware. Wende Museum wants to move west.

Somebody in City Hall didn't like the AMVETS. And the AMVETS members knew Wende Museum wanted our building.

Ironically, the AMVETS provided an Honor Guard for Wende's formal opening.

Lawrence F. Loughlin

AMVETS Post 2 Member and Honor Guard Member


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