Rams, Chargers play at home this weekend

On Saturday the Chargers and the Rams will play home football games at the same time. The Rams game starts at 6 p.m. at the Coliseum and the Chargers game will kick off at 7 p.m. in Carson. It will be the third preseason game for both teams. Both teams are 0-2 in the preseason.

Win and loss records are meaningless in the preseason especially when a team does not player their best players. The Rams and Chargers are two teams that have not played their starters in the preseason which is a good thing for free agents, undrafted rookies and other players who are trying to make the 53 man roster.

Right now both teams have over 90 players in training camp so the preseason is an opportunity for players to make an impression on the coaching staff and it also gives them a chance to show case their skills for other NFL teams.

Although every position is crucial on the football field, the quarterback is probably the most important. Without a good quarterback everything breaks down. The quarterback is like the engine in a car. If the engine is not working at a high level the car breaks down. It's the same with the quarterback position.

The Chargers and the Rams have good starting quarterbacks but their backups are extremely important to the success of the team. The Chargers have two capable replacements for veteran starter Phillip Rivers in Tyrod Taylor and Cardale Jones and the Rams are hoping Blake Bortles can step in for starter Jared Goff.

Taylor is a 6'1 217 pound nine year veteran from Virginia Tech who can run as well as pass. He has been a starter in the NFL and he has impressed the coaching staff in the preseason. Jones is a third year player from Ohio State who is 6'5 and 250 pounds. Last week he threw for over 111 yards and one touchdown against the Saints. The 6'5, 236 pound Bortles is a six-year veteran from Central Florida.

Charger head coach had this to say about Jones after the Saints game "It's nice to see a player work as hard as he's worked at it and get better. He's been doing it in practice. He's been calling extra meetings with young players. He is working at it. He's been doing the things that good quarterbacks do in this league. They work their tails off and they hold everyone else accountable."

Lynn thinks Jones is getting better with age. "I think maturity to be honest with you. It's, I think the first time in his life he has been in the same system for consecutive seasons. It's made a big difference."


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