Immersive outdoor concert at Baldwin Hills Overlook

Noted Composers will engage communities in a journey of connection

'Intrinsic Strings' - A site-specific immersive concert experience will take place on August 24th, 2019 between 6-7.30pm at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City. The free event will integrate live orchestral musicians and virtual reality in a unique setting in an exploration of what brings people together, inspires them and is a reminder to appreciate life's moments. Featuring music by LA-based contemporary film and video game composers; Jeff Rona, Penka Kouneva, Drum & Lace, Emer Kinsella, Allyson Newman and Damir Price, performers will present an evening of introspection with their work and collective insight into how music can act as a vehicle to unite people and create community in large metropolitan areas.

The concert is accessible via a climb of the Culver Stairs, a walk along the switchback trail or a drive to the top of the overlook. Musicians comprised of chamber string players and select unique instruments will be spread throughout the space creating a "musical trail"of emotion. Organizers are partnering with Vresh, a 360° social media company, to integrate 360° visuals containing story concepts of how individuals engage with the city of Los Angeles, creating a "trail of stories".

Developed by Emer Kinsella of Emersion Music, Intrinsic Strings aims to bring awareness to internalized emotional pressures by encouraging Angelenos to find support and solidarity with one another by embracing and conquering the climb together.

"My hope is to connect individuals through experiential and unconventional concerts to create experiences that cause you to dive deeper and connect with others through the powerful force of music," says concert curator, Emer Kinsella.

Current sponsors of the performance include BMI, VER-PRG and VRESH.

For more information follow Intrinsic Strings on social media @intrinsicstrings and Eventbrite.


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