Where Are all the Nukes…..See below.

Things are so messed up at our nation’s capital that I hardly believe anyone. Perhaps Cousin Neil would feel better if those scalwags took a blood oath to tell the truth and had their tongues notarized, and now the leaders of five of Oklahoma must powerful tribal nations have approved a resolution denouncing the new Republican governor’s plan to force negotiations for a bigger slice of revenue from Oklahoma’s tribal casinos.

Down here authorities have arrested a small-town pharmacist who filled more than 1,100 prescriptions from 2015 to 2017, including no less than one million doses of opioids. Only three doctors accounted for more than 30 percent of the oxycodone and hydrocodone prescriptions. Totally unbelievable and its so easy for the computer to find the bad guys. Brunswick News

Like many of you I recently received my latest statement from Southern California Edison. In my opinion the person or persons who allowed the electricity to double should be taken outback and horsewhipped. Can it be true the 11 percent utilities user tax will also be applied? I betcha the added tax will go to bigshot wages or pensions.

As mentioned in The Week annual deductibles plan now average $1350 up from $379 in 2006. Last year one in six Americans who got insurance through work said they’d had to make “difficult sacrifices” to pay for health care.

Anybody seen Herman Cain?

Bloomberg Businessweek said a short time ago, the United States State Department approved the possible sale of tanks, stinger missiles and another arms worth about $2.26 to Taiwan.

A new report from Smart Growth America has ranked Arizona’s 7th Congressional District (including much of Phoenix) the nation’s most dangerous place to walk.

New York has expanded a law that prohibits gender pay discrimination making it illegal to pay someone less based on characteristics including race, religion, disability or gender identity.

The ten largest stockpiles of nuclear warheads as noted in Trumpet Magazine:

1. Russia 4,350

2. United States 3,830

3. France 330

4. China 280

5. United Kingdom 215

6. Pakistan 145

7. India 135

8. Israel 80

9. North Korea 15

10. Italy 80

Could it be true John Kent you know whose father is running, so the rumors say, for Culver City City Council.

Did you know, the genealogy technique has revolutionized cold-case investigations across the U.S. in the past year. It involves entering crime-scene DNA profiles into public genealogy databases, finding relatives of the person who left the DNA and building a family tree that lead detectives to a suspect. I just bet the next step will be to micro-chip people.

I know you all remember an item in my column describing how some people in Oregon can turn sweet tea into gasoline. Well chemists are moving fast to prove carbon capture is viable on a small scale to convert gas from thin air. For the longest Boeing was trying to convert pond scum into aviation fuel.

According to a Los Angeles city report plastic straws were the sixth most collected item on California Coastal clean-up days from 1988 to 2016, behind cigarettes, food packaging caps and lids, plastic bags, and plastic utensils and dishes.

For those of us who had love ones suffering with Alzheimer’s help might be closer than you think. Scientists think they will soon have a blood test 88 percent accurate for screening purposes.

Many though California was number 1 in the production of watermelon, but alas its Florida. Their farmers sold 800 million pounds last year (2018). University of Florida Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences.

It was June 11, 2014, some five years ago that Judge Rolf Treu ruled teacher tenure was unconstitutional. The suit was heard in a Los Angeles Court room.

Approximately 24 months ago Edari ended 25 years of research in the fight to cure sickle-cell. An estimated 100,000 Americans suffer bouts of pain and suffering from this blood disorder.

Do you need a job? McDonald’s is teaming up with AARP to hire older workers for its breakfast and lunch time shifts.

From a recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times, there are about 15,700 people in L.A. County living in vehicles according to the 2018 homeless count with 8,900 of them in the city of Los Angeles. Meantime the number of safe places these unfortunate people can park at night dwindle. Surely there must be place after dark for them here in Culver City.

Some of us have issues which need to be aired. If you are one of those check out Earl Ofari Hutchinson (424) 239-0097 or (424) 558-1929.

The King Jury set the Los Angeles Police Officers free on April 29, 1992. Beating was on March 3rd, 1991. King sued Los Angeles and was awarded $3.8 million in 1994. King drowned in his backyard swimming pool on June 17, 2012 at age 47. Timothy Wind – was fired by LAPD although acquitted by the jury. Wind was hired as a police department community relations officer for Culver City in 1994 and remained in that job until 2000 when he moved to Indiana to attend law school. I was in Council Chambers when the City fathers voted to give Mr. Wind another chance.

Did you ladies celebrate National Lipstick Day on July 29, 2019; don’t worry 2020 will give you another chance.

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