How Much Food Gets Wasted Every Year

I’m getting ready to go and do a series of back flips all the way to the Westfield-Culver City Mall, because I just read researchers in Europe have developed a vaccine against heart disease. Mice were given a special diet which gave them high cholesterol and athero-sclerosis. The vaccine effectively lowered the total blood cholesterol by 53 percent and damages linked to atherosclerosis by 64 percent. The vaccine is currently being tested on 72 people. These results if effective can have patients just receive an annual booster. Results of phase 1 clinical trial are expected by the end of this year.

Years ago, I spoke with then Captain Azran of the Culver City Police Department and he said we do not have a quota system. For those who have good memories you will recall I wrote about a Los Angeles Police Officer who sued LAPD, because he did not fulfill the suggested target numbers required, consequently he was given poor reviews and lousy assignments.

Is Culver City’s water supplier in compliance with federal lead contamination regulations? Federal law requires regular testing for contaminants. The results are in a published report. Our fantastic Culver City City Clerk Jeremy Green should be able to get this information, because the water company will not give it to the Board of Education. According to I women, in the United States 6,200 women currently work as full-time career firefighters with 35-40,000 are volunteers.

Nation Magazine says 50 percent is the amount of produce throw away in the United States every year.

$1600 is the amount the average family of four in the U.S. spends each year on food they end up throwing out.

$940 Billion is the estimated annual cost of food wasted globally.

Seventy percent of people in jail have not been convicted of a crime. They just cannot afford bail.

According to Esquire the Best New Restaurants of 2017 mentioned at number one is the Felix Trattoria at 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice has the best Italian food this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum has received a $30,000 challenge grant for a project to commemorate the 100th Anniversary in 2021 of the Battle of Blair Mountain.

I can hardly believe more information is coming out about the “accident” between the USS Fitzgerald and the Pilipino container ship. The Navy as you recall removed the Commander his Executive Officer, as well as, the highest-ranking enlisted person. Not satisfied the Washington D.C. Brass is investigation all personnel who were on duty when the mishap occurred. In my opinion the pentagon realizes the four-navy ship “accidents” since January 1, 2017 were not accidents nor sailor screw ups but as a result of a Russian and or a Chinese discovery to make our ships radar blind. Many of us read Bloomberg and I wonder if you all saw, “The (U.S.) Air Force concerns Center on whether the unintended contact (between the KC 46 Tanker as it refuels other jets) cold damage specialized coatings used on F-35 and F-22 stealth fighters and B-2 bombers and messed up the secret anti radar coating. Blaming sailors for these accidents is truly outrageous.

More men are joining the nursing field than have in previous decades. Men made up about 13 percent of the nursing field in 2015 up from 2.2 percent in 1960 and 11.3 percent in 2010 according to a new study.

For most of the motorists they know when they drive across the state line into Florida on Interstate 95 (I-95) there is a welcome center with all sorts of discount coupons and travel brochures. Personally, Theo and I like to stop to stretch our legs and grab a cup of delicious orange juice or grapefruit juice before heading down the highway. Please don’t tell those state employees cousin Neil said anyone, for the asking, can get free refills. Could the reason for their generosity is a State Trooper is luring in the bushes ready to swoop down and make a trade your registration and automobile license for a notice of an infraction. Now don’t treat this lightly, because Troopers wrote in 2014 nearly 935,000 tickets and nearly 749,000 in 2016, and with 162 troopers’ vacancies as of the June 2017. Now, I would think with 162 openings Tallahassee would coddle those good guys but alas the number two, Lt. Col. Michael Thomas sent an email in late May 2019 encouraging troopers to write two tickets per hour. Thomas retired from his $131,000 yearly salary on September 1, 2017.

I remember a conversation I had if you served in the Korean War you may be eligible for the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal. To be eligible a Veteran must have served in Korea on land or sea from June 25, 1950 through July 27, 1953. The medal may be awarded posthumously. The Veteran must send a copy of his/her DD-214 to the Korean Consulate. 3243 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 285-1849.

Our State Senator, the Honorable Holly Mitchell, was recently honored with the Visionary Award by the Weingart Center for her advocacy championing programs to help those who are homeless.


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