Kombucha Demonstration Sunday

Did you know you can make your own Kombucha Tea for pennies?

Join us Sunday, July 21st from 2 - 4 PM at the Greener Way House, Culver City. Deni Friese, a long time brewer will give a hands-on kombucha making demonstration. Bring your questions and enjoy free samples as you taste and learn!

Not only are you saving money, you’re also helping eliminate much of the petrochemical waste in producing, shipping and disposing of glass bottles, plastic caps & shipping boxes. It also has health benefits which will be discussed.

Although the event is free, they are suggesting a $20 donation to help support the nonprofit’s mission of implementing the Earth

To register or learn more about our work contact Suzanne@GreenerWayAssociates.org or text or phone (310) 204-0570.


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