Once Again Fox Hills Overlooked

I really don’t know why but it seems the City of Culver City, in my opinion, treats Fox Hills residents as stepchildren. The latest insult concerns the Voting Center scheduled to be up and running for the 2020 election. Fox Hills was not included even though it’s a very dense area with the highest minority population in our town and one of the largest Black population by percentage in Los Angeles County. Fox Hills has nearly 3,000 housing units and approximately twice that number of residents. In the opinion of many the Westfield Mall Culver City AKA Fox Hills would have been an excellent venue, because its disability accessible with a huge parking area, good bathrooms, easily accessible by numerous buses and the freeway. For those reasons no other site has those benefits for the voters. Although, Grace Lutheran was accepted the church has limited parking.

Perhaps both you and I heard the same rumor. It’s only a rumor but from a usually reliable source that the Culver City Mall will be either asking for a handout from city hall or closing. Many of us remember the council and the $1 million loan to the Broadway Department store to keep them afloat.

A law signed by Governor Brown last year ended the ability of individuals with concealed weapons permits to carry loaded guns on school grounds, university campuses, and “College dorms. Now they must get written permission from the school.

The nations capital is one of the most unsafe cities to drive in, WUSA-TV reports. The insurance company Allstate’s 2019 “Best Drivers” report found the district is second to last among 200 cities in safe driving. Only nearby Baltimore was worse.

A memorial was dedicated June 22, 2019 to Hawaii Island military members who died in the Korean War. Talk about taking their sweet time, the Korean War ended in 1953; some 66 years ago.

A massive research study tracking the eating habits of 100,000 adults over twenty-five years reveals” for every 28-gram serving of whole grain the risk during the study period is reduced by five percent. WebMD reports a research recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Internal Medicine.” Each daily serving of whole grains cut a heart related death risk by nine percent.

It wasn’t that long ago-February 2, 2016 to be exact that the Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller, said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, “every American who is physically qualified should register for the draft.” The Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley agreed. Does it mean women will register for the draft and if so -when?

For those suffering with Arthritis the arthritis Foundation has the arthritis resources finder so you can find local resources to live better. (Arthritis Resource Finder-org).

Start your meal with soup. According to a Penn State study beginning with a broth-based soup like chicken, lentil and minestrone can cut the total amount of calories eaten at your meal by up to twenty percent.

Sign me up and do it now!!! Cousin Neil joining thousands of others to boycott Sakuma Farms in Washington State farm workers form Oaxaca, Mexico must pick forty pounds of blueberries to earn $10 per hour. The company website says workers can make up to $40, but only if they pick 100 pounds.

Nineteen or so years ago, like so many attended the services at First AMC Church for our beloved Congressman Julian Dixon. I was seated between Richard “Alex” Alexander and his wife Ann and Former Mayor Paul Jacobs and his wife Joy. I was trying to formulate a fitting and everlasting tribute for a great man and my personal hero.

After conferring with Ef Violin we settled on the renaming of the Los Angeles County Library on Overland Avenue. The best part it only took us seven weeks total to get our city Council and the Board of Supervisors to give their blessings. And as they say “The rest is history.

Before you buy a new car check out a Subaru and the many safety features. I particularly like in car cameras and facial recognition technology that alerts drivers if they’re falling asleep. USA Today.

Oh, happy days! Jim Beam bourbon plans to donate $5 million to the University of Kentucky to create a new institute designed to teach the next wave of distillers. USA Today,

I know many remember twenty-five years or so ago in Los Angeles County when Rodney King was beaten by members of law enforcement. Although he received $3.8 million, I don’t think it was worth it. Brunswick News.

In 1939, Connecticut became the last of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Bill of Rights, 147 years after it took effect. Brunswick News.

Seattle is supplementing tis police by hiring unarmed, noncommissioned officers for the first time since 2004.


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