Harbor Cruises in Marina Del Rey

The Marina Del Rey calendar published in the Log described the KJAZZ Champagne Saturday and Sunday Cruises throughout the year. Harbor views, live music, brunch buffet. (hornblower.com/home/mdr). What a nice way to celebrate.

Soon I hope to talk to my friend, your friend, our friend CCPD Assistant Chief Ron Iizuka about a dog to sniff out listening devices. It just seems another Cousin Neil idea went viral with over two million hits. To help the business community we have the Fiesta in August, and four months later it’s the car show, and four months later, we could have a craft beer festival. Perhaps no one realized the number of people craft beer draws, because the University of Richmond and Virginia Tech are teaming up to offer a professional certificate in the craft beer industry.

Can we have a twenty-one-gun salute for the nation’s first black female fire chief? The City of East Point, Georgia has named Fire Station #4 after Chief Rosemary Roberts Cloud. The City hosted the Hose Uncoupling Ceremony on March 29, 2019, the Chief’s birthday. On April 2, 2002 the city made history by naming Chief Cloud as its first black female Fire Chief. She was also the first Black Female Chief in the United States. She was the Fire Chief for twelve years before retiring in 2015. Now in my opinion if the City of Culver City was serious about getting ladies in the Fire House, they would hire Chief Cloud as a consultant.

Cousin Neil will just bet Mr. Jeff Sessions will be coming out with a tell all book about President Trump and Washington D.C., and who could blame Sessions, after all he had to put up with a lot as the United States Attorney General. In my life I never heard of all the abuse Sessions was subjected to.

I just know many of you turned purple after reading in the Wall Street Journal the United States federal budget deficit will exceed $1 Trillion in 2020 for the first time since, the end of the 2008 financial crisis.

Going to be in New Orleans anytime soon? Well, neither will we, but if we were it would be a trip to the National WW11 Museum. For additional information (504) 528-1944 (nationalww2museum.org).

The Okies are tough. They had an election in Edmond, Oklahoma for Mayor in April 2019 and the dead candidate lost. I want a recount!!!!!

The United States Postal Service issued a stamp honoring former President George H.W. Bush. The Stamp was issued this year on his birthday June 12 at the Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas.

Many of us remember Kim Fields from the television show “The Facts of Life” well on May 12, 2019 she was 50. Where does the time go?

Are you one of those pot heads worried about the company examining your blood for weed? If so, get a U-Haul and move to the Big Apple where many job seekers would no longer face tests under legislation New York City is likely to enact.

My bank and probably yours, as well, will raise the starting wage to $17 per hour beginning in May 2019. The following year -2020- the bank will kick it up another knotch to $18 and plans are $20 per hour for tens of thousands of the banks 205,000 employees of Bank of America by 2020. USA Today.

China issued a travel advisory to the Unites States through the end of the year, warning its citizens of frequent recent shootings, robberies, and thefts.

Black tea may contribute to weight loss and other health benefits according to researchers at UCLA. Substances in the tea appear to alter bacteria in the gut which in previous studies have found similar benefits from green tea. UCLA Health

Once again countries are colonizing large chunks of land. It is estimated under the artic ice 34.3percent of the world’s known gas reserves and 5.9 percent of the world’s known oil reserves exist. To protect their interests Russia has 52 icebreakers, Canada has seven icebreakers, Finland has five icebreakers and the United States has four icebreakers.


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