Earthquake Hits China Lake Area in California

6.4 in Searles Valley 170 miles from Culver City

At 6.4 earthquake hit California Thursday morning at 10:33 PDT in Searles Valley. Culver City Police and Fire Department report no damage in the city.

An even like this triggers CCFD to immediately pull all trucks and engines out of the firehouses in case of a larger event and engine and truck companies are dispatched on a preset course throughout the city checking on major building including the hospital, roads, bridges and other buildings and areas of the city.

The USGS reported the quake took place 1 mile underground.

Searley Valley is located in the Mojave Desert, a sparsely populated area.

The quake was also felt in Nevada and Arizona.

The Kern County Fire Department was responding to dozens of of incidents from structure fires to medical emergencies.

Over 30 aftershocks have followed the main event with two aftershocks registering over 4.0.


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