Rams Are Successful on and off the Field

The Los Angeles Rams made it to the top of the professional football world when they played in the Super Bowl in February. Now they are making super impressions in the Southern California communities, hosting football clinics, school improvement projects and many other worthwhile events that benefit kids in the greater Los Angeles area.

The latest clinic and school improvement events took place in Inglewood and East Los Angeles. Led by community affairs staff members Jonathan Franklin and Zach Kinkeade and their staff, two of their events in June were spectacular, uplifting and energized.

The clinic on June 1, at Inglewood's newest recreation and park multi- purpose field inside Edward Vincent Jr. Park was something special. The Rams gave away thousands of dollars' worth of equipment and clothing to middle and elementary school kids. Kids and parents walked away with gloves, cleats, shirts and pants. The kids also received excellent instruction from Ram Staff members on how to play football.

"It's exciting having the Rams Community Day in Inglewood, a place that will be our official home in 2020," said Franklin. "Engaging with our communities and neighbors is exciting. I have always had a passion to help communities and I think football helps bridge that gap."

Former Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo was also at the clinic giving quarterback tips to the young players. "I think it is always important to give back to the community. The Rams have always been active in communities around Los Angeles. Giving back is a thing you can never stop doing."

At Belvedere Elementary school last Friday the Rams organization came out in full force. Not only was the community affairs staff on hand, the head coach, Sean McVay, vice president, Kevin Demoff and general manager Les Snead were also there for support.

Ram rookies, hundreds of volunteers and Ram staff members painted the playground, painted murals and did construction work on playground equipment. "It really takes a team effort all the way from the top to the bottom," said event coordinator Kinkeade.

Kinkeade continued to say, "It takes a whole team to move mountains like this. This is our biggest event of the year. American Park Specialists, LAUSD and other organizations along with the Rams worked hard to make this event a success."


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