California Population Nears 40 Million

California’s population was thought to be on January 1, 2019; 39,927,315 from the Department of Finance.

California took the first stop to regulate companies who sell your information last year with a law that gives people the right to “Opt Out” of having their data collected and allows the people to ask companies to delete data collected.

Did you know California Department of Tax and Fee Administration publishes every quarter the top 500 sales and use Tax Delinquencies? And from Culver City.

Name Address City & Zip Amounts DBA

Le Faubourg 9725 Culver Blvd Culver City 90232 $542,356.54 Saint Amour

Sarbco Inc. 241 Fox Hills Mall Culver City 90230 $541,331.62 Michael’s Jewelers

Renyu Li 6000 Sepulveda Culver City 90230 $522,474.50 Eden sky Women’s

A review of California State Senator John Moorlatch Culver City and CC Board of Education Financial Stability Findings show we are near the bottom of the pile. As such, Culver City should; in my opinion get the services of a top-notch CPA Firm and check the books line by line. After all mistakes do happen.

Is it true, Culver City to get more revenue will investigate and install speed violation electronic devices? These $500 “Kisses” from City Hall just may help pay down our debt.

According to my calendar, it’s been 25 years since the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I must admit those jolts felt like it would never stop, but when it did the telephone rang from Kaiser Woodland Hills informing us papa was gone.

Are you one of who like to take the children to different and interesting places? Well, partner “Tex Rubenstein”, and the Auto Club just might answer your dreams. Its Bennett’s Honey Farm in Fillmore where they do Kosher, Organic sage, avocado, and orange honey (to name a few). Also try honeycomb, bee pollen, royal jelly and honey Barbecue sauce. 3176 Honey Lane, Fillmore, (805) 521-1375.

Before you saddle up after the honey farm to return home, you need to stop for a bite at the Rubenstein’s favorite place. Don’t forget to get a shake. My old taste buds told me they are the very best. They are located at 325 Durley Avenue, Camarillo, (805) 388-2535. The Waypoint Café.

Maria “The Wild Gypsy Lady” had a cup of organic pekoe tea at our city’s newest hot spot the Brown Orange. She reminded me of the lawsuit some 20 or more years ago, when the city was sued over nasty stuff in the Hayden track. By the time we gulped down our third double we were discussing the yearly car license tags, Maria mentioned her vehicle was 23 years new and Sacramento wants $126. I was fearful but decided to mention Georgia’s tags were $20.00.

Then there is gasoline; lately regular is floating around $2.25 for 89 octane, $2.65 for 91 octane, and 93 octane we just brought for $2.78 per gallon. I can only assume the government wants more and more of us to purchase electric so they will be able to get your mileage from the insurance company and Sacramento will then charge us so much per mile.


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