Anthony Davis Replaces Ball, Ingram and Hart

Lakers Get the Superstar Big Man They Wanted

The Los Angeles Lakers finally accomplished something that they had been trying to do since January. They traded three players and three draft choices for one of the best players and big men in the world. Anthony Davis is coming to Tinsel Town to play for the Lakers.

The Lakers traded away three promising young players, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. Ball and Ingram were supposed to be the Lakers future but when they acquired LeBron James last year they realized their future is now. James will be 35 years old this year and although he is still one of the best players in the world, 35 is 35. You can't beat Father Time.

Davis will become the fifth great Laker big man following in the footsteps of 6-10 George Mikan, 7-1 Wilt Chamberlain, 7-2 Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and 7-1 Shaquille O'Neal. Davis has the skills and personality to fit right into a Lakers organization that has always had superstar players.

Did the Lakers give up to much? The answer to that question is no. Ball and Ingram were good players but they never reached the great status that everyone predicted. Hart was a great teammate but he was an above average player. In the future all three players maybe outstanding players but right now that does not seem to be the case.

The biggest accomplishment for the Lakers besides landing Davis was keeping Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma was their best young player and he is great around the locker room and with the media.

To be a legitimate title contender the Lakers will need several more players and one more superstar. With James and Davis playing on the same team it changes the whole persona of the Lakers. The last few years a lot of players did not want to play for the Lakers. Now the door is wide open.


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